Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost Hearing Aids

Evil Shorty never likes to wear her hearing aids, so whenever she asks me something, I always shrug and point to my ears as if to say, Why talk to me when you can't hear me?" Usually Shorty will say, "okay, okay, I'll go put on my hearing aids." Most of the time, if I'm lucky, she forgets to come back to talk to me with her hearing aids on.

Shorty's been complaining a lot to Mother about having to wear her hearing aids. I can hear Shorty telling Mother, "I'm too old to bother with hearing aids."

Suddenly, Shorty cannot find her $5000 hearing aids. She can't remember where she put them. I still shrug at her when she wants something. I try to make a fast exit. I keep my doors to my bedroom closed. But Mother, well she's gotten into the habit of yelling at Shorty now just because the evil woman "lost her hearing aids." All day long the conversations go like this:

Shorty asks Mother something and Mother answers.
Shorty says, "What? WHAT?"
Mother yells back something.
Shorty yells, "WHAT? WHAT?"

This goes on all day long. I told Mother, "Please take her to get more hearing aids."
Mother said, "Okay, okay."
The day they're supposed to go get new hearing aids I hear Shorty say, "Barbara (that's Mother) I'm too old to get hearing aids. Who's going to want to listen to an old lady? I'm 95 years old. I don't want to get hearing aids. Why do I need them?"
Mother relents, "Okay, Mother."

Ever since Shorty "lost" her hearing aids, it's been non-stop yelling around here. Mother cusses non-stop while Shorty yells, "WHAT? WHAT?"